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Sisterhood through the game of Volleyball

By Karl France , 10/29/15, 3:15PM EDT


Helping Grow The Game

This came to my attention from Phoenix Volleyball NJ Owner/Director Annie Hung.

We would like to thank the parents for helping us track down the story and the young ladies' Girl Scout Leaders for helping the girls #GrowTheGame


This past spring several girls from 14 Red, held a volleyball clinic for girls at their school as a service project to earn their Girl Scout Silver Award and Community Service Bar.  Led by the program director & project advisor Mrs. Sara Duffin, Academy of Our Lady School has a strong volleyball program for grades 5-8 and these girls wanted to keep that tradition alive by bringing their passion for the game to upcoming players.  

Kate, Baylee-Rose, & Julia along with classmates Jillian, Olivia & Emma held a 6 day clinic for 4th & 5th graders to learn the basics of the game.  The clinic had 15 participants that learned volleyball terminology and skills.  They also held a 2 day clinic for existing players in the 6th grade to work on and improve their skills.

Each day the girls would lead participants in warm-ups and then begin with drills they learned from their years at Academy and on club teams.  Not only did they work on teaching how to serve, pass, set, and hit, they worked on conditioning drills to improve the skills they just learned.   Each girl worked her strength to show how to play; Kate would work with the girls showing them how to set the ball and drills to practice at home, Julia worked with girls on the importance of passing the ball to the setter, Baylee-Rose taught the girls how to hit the ball on the third possession to get it over the net.  Each girl would also work with everyone on serving techniques.  A key element that they emphasized was to always have fun and to always give your all on the court.  

This fall all participants of their clinic signed up to play on the junior varsity teams at Academy of Our Lady.  The girls continued their mentoring by assisting the coaches at all practices and have supported the teams at games and assisted with team warmups.  The junior varsity coaches have all said how they credit their team’s success to the clinic and mentoring each of these fine young ladies have brought to their girls.  They are true role models for the younger players to look up to.  

Kate, Baylee-Rose and Julia all hope to continue to play volleyball for Phoenix this year and plan to play in high school next year.  Their love and passion for volleyball is evident by their dedication to the game.