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Phoenix Volleyball NJ's New Home

By Karl France, 10/02/15, 4:00PM EDT


Bigger and Better for Phoenix

We are proud to announce that Phoenix Volleyball Club will be in a new facility this year where the majority of our teams will practice. NJ Sports House is our new home for the 2015-2016 season.

After last season, the directors all had the same thought, we need a better facility. The facilities were nice but many felt that having our teams under one roof would give our club the advantage it had a few years back while at Satellite Sports. 

At the beginning of Phoenix Volleyball NJ, all of the teams were under one roof at Satellite and the coaches and players got to feed of each other. The players could look up to the older players and the older players could encourage and aid the younger ones.  Coaches were able to observe techniques used by their peers and have brief talks about the game. The feel of family among the teams was stronger in those years.

With this facility, NJ Sports House, we can renew this vision. Most if not all of our teams will practice here. The VolleyKids program will be at NJ Sports House. There are already plans for tournaments, summer camps, coaching clinics at NJ Sports House as to bring our family to a better place.

Our 1st event in our new home will be a meeting for all who are interested in Phoenix Volleyball NJ and the main topics will be VolleyKids and team tryouts in both of our locations (NJ Sports House and Kushner).

A new day has dawned for Phoenix. See you on the 18th of October.