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In case of inclement weather...

Please do not call you coach or club director about inclement weather affecting a tournament. You can check the GEVA website if you wish. 

Please do not email GEVA.

If GEVA announces any changes to the tournaments, the information flows very quickly to the club, then the coaches. If no announcement comes through, that means the tournament is still on. 

If you feel that it's too dangerous for you to be on the road, please stay home. It's a volleyball tournament, your and your child's safety is paramount. Let your coach know of your decision. 


    Hotels for NEQ (Northeast Qualifier) & PrezDay Classic


    The Room Block is complete but there is a slight possibility that there are more rooms to be purchased in this block before the end of the year. If you do not wish to wait you can use the link below


    Info can be found on link below

    Upcoming Events

    • Feb
    • 8
    16 Red Practice
    • Feb
    • 9
    13 Red Practice
    • Feb
    • 9
    14 Red Practice
    • Feb
    • 9
    17 Gold Practice
    • Feb
    • 9
    15 Red Practice